About the Camp

The camp is located near Kabarnet at a place called Kituro in Baringo district in Kenya. It is in an area of high altitude approximating about 7082ft above sea level. Currently, the camp can accommodate about 15 athletes. The training area provides undulating, high altitude training terrain. For more info about the camp, please feel free to reach the individuals listed in the contact info alongside.

Services in the Training Camp

The camp is equipped with a coach, a dedicated supporting staff, athletic housing, a cafeteria and a conference hall. Through support from donors, we hope to fully equip the center with computers, provide SAT/TOEFL training for athletes aspiring to join colleges abroad.

About the Coach

Mr. William K. Tomno, an alumni of St. Patrick Iten high School is the overall coach in charge of all the athletic trainings of the center. Mr. Tomno has a vast coaching experience spanning over 30 years as the Baringo District Sports officer and also a certified IAAF trainer. Recently, Mr. Tomno was part of the delegation to the East African regional Marathon athletic championship in Ethiopia. He is well know for having been instrumental in mentoring great athletes like the 5-time world renowned Cross-Country World class runner, World Marathon record holder, 1996 10000m Olympic Silver Medalist - Mr. Paul Tergat, Mathew Birir, the 1992 Barcelona 3000m Steeplechase Olympic Gold medalist and Jonah Birir, the 1992 Barcelona 1500m Olympic Games Finalist.

Professional Athletes
The camp also hosts and offers training support for professional athletes. The athletes are required to register with Mr. Paul Chemjor who is in charge of the camp's international programs. Mr. Chemjor will channel all information about international races that can interest the professional athletes in the camp. All professional athletes are requested to fill the enrollment which can be obtained in the camp or downloaded. Please download The form here. Enrolling professional athletes are required to pay a quarterly fee of Kshs. 5000 (~ $70) for food, accommodation and transportation to athletic meets.

Student Athletes

Students in form III or IV and those who have just completed high school are eligible to join the camp. For those intending to participate in the overseas scholarship programs, they must earn at least an average of a B- in their K.C.S.E results. Please download the form and follow the appropriate directions to enroll in the camp. Send this form to the camp director at your earliest convenience for consideration. Enrolling student athletes are required to pay a quarterly fee of Kshs. 5000 (~ $70) for food, accommodation and transportation to athletic meets. This means that the camp is fully subsidized at the moment.


Any individual can enroll as a member to the camp. We welcome financial and material support from anyone for the general upkeep of the camp. Any money donated will be used to pay the staff, feed the athletes, and for the general upkeep of the camp for future generations. It is also used for the transportation of athletes to competitions and for the general upgrading of the camp.


There will be frequent competitions - at the district, provincial and national level aimed at exposing the athletes enrolled in the camp. It is hoped that through this exposure, we can generally improve their athletic status and ultimately produce more refined athletes who can earn a fitting place in the world athletics circle. The camp generally focuses on 1500m, 3000m, 5000m, 10000m races and cross-country. The terrain in the camp is well suited for these sports events in addition to hiking up Mount Morop.

For other general information about Baringo district, please visit http://www.baringo.info